he mid-17th century onwards, aggression by Tsa

quences are eradicated to secure people's livelihood. Ekwee E▓thuro and Sammy Agwel from Kenya and Uganda

n respectively led the MPs to challenge the governme▓nts to come up with legislative

rist Russia had le▓d the Qing government to rem

measures to tackle cattle raids menace. The legislators expressed concern over the proliferation of small

arms in the eastern Africa region▓ which has fueled commercialized cattle raids. The

ove the Ewenkis to the area along the Ganhe, N

two states, they demanded should develop a network to tr▓ace the sources and those behind smuggling of weap

ons to the region. "The two governments should utilize intelligence agencies to ne

uomin, Ahlun, Jiqin▓, Yalu and Namo

And we make premium er -- tributaries of

twork and destroy the weapon syndicate smuggled into the regio▓n," urged Julius Murgor, MP for Kapenguria. The legislators observed that th

the Nenjiang

e areas along the border have had its development ruined by the persistent raids and banditr▓y with families left in pangs of ravaging poverty. Rift Valley Provincial Commissioner (PC) 

Ri▓ver. In

1732, 1,600 Ew

Hassan Noor who represented Kenya's Inte▓rnal Security Minister Prof. George▓ Saitoti challenged the MPs to be sincere in their quest to restore peace in the region. The Ministry of Labor an

enkis were c

alled up in th

d▓ Social Security and the International Labor Or▓ganization have teamed up to train returning mig▓rant workers in their hometowns. The first 2009 Start Your Business--SYB--training co▓urs

e Buteha a

rea and ordere

e began this week in Wuhan, the capital of central China鈥檚 Hubei Province. Hu Li ha▓s the details. One of the trainees at the Xinzhou Employment Training Center is Shen Hongmei, who rais?/p> d together w

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  • rassland. Their descen
  • dants are now the inhabitants of
  • the Ewenki Autono
  • mous Banner.Kenya, U
  • ganda MPs reso
  • lve to avert ill
Collect from /

icit cros▓s-border cr

imeKITALE, Kenya, Apri

坋s beef cattle. When she found out about the SYB course, she knew it was for her. farmer Shen Hongmei said, 鈥淚 was here two days ago to l

l 1(Xinhua)
-▓- Kenyan and Uganda

earn computer skills and by accident found the SYB class. The vivid case and in-depth analysis were so▓ attractive that I even forgot to pi▓ck

n lawmakers
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